About Us

Khadija Kubra Women Assocation for Culture, a women development organization registered in Afghanistan in 2004, seeks to improve women conditions in war-torn Kandahar province. Khadija Kubra is lead by Ms. Maryam Durani, an elected council member in Kandahar since 2005. In 2012, Ms. Durani won the State Department’s International Women of Courage Award and is listed by the Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Ms. Durani is also the director general and owner of Merman radio, which was established in 2010 to address gender inequalities in Kandahar province and bring women’s voices to the forefront. Merman Radio is empowering Kandahar’s youth especially women and media professionals to explore sensitive issues of gender, human rights, good governance, rule of law, in addition to economic, and social issues.
Empowered Women” (women share political, economical and social power as the men within their environment) is our vision and developing a sustainable organization to effectively facilitate the process of community development is our mission. Our core values are based on dignity, social justice, transparency and accountability, leadership, excellence, honesty and integrity.


Facilitate sustainable community development initiatives using participatory mechanisms
Promote self-reliance through community mobilization, empowerment, participation and local resources mobilization
Promote efforts aimed at ensuring peace and harmony in the target communities
Improve health and sanitation conditions by developing a sustainable and replicable promotional and preventive health care system following Basic Health Packages established by the ministry of health.

Major Activities and Objectives:
The programs should aim at assisting the target beneficiaries in improving the quality of their life by enhancing their access to basic rights and do prepare them in participating at all socio – economic life within their families and communities.
Afghanistan is disaster prone country by both natural and man-made. More than two decades of civil war and impact of the last six years of drought have left the country with serious problems, which have rendered the country fundamentally vulnerable to basic services. Through appropriate and timely action the organization will contribute in saving lives and reduce human suffering in the target areas and affected population through provision of assistance during emergencies.
Afghanistan’s health condition is in a state of near-total poor condition. Standard health indices, including the infant mortality rate, the childhood mortality rate and the maternal mortality ratio, are among the worst in the world. In order to improve health and sanitation conditions in the target areas with a focus on women and children the organization will continue to deliver health services.

Purchasing power, economic growth, and an increase in the wealth of the target communities will have direct impact on the process of development in Afghanistan therefore; Khadija Kubra will be involved in delivering services that lead to improved livelihood of its target communities.
As a non-governmental, operational, organization being involved in implementation of developmental programs Khadija Kubra will play role towards civil society in Afghanistan through coordination of its efforts with other social movements, advocacy groups, self-help groups, trades unions etc.
In order to facilitate small scale community recovery projects the organization will be involved in construction activities as long as needed.
Cross Cutting Themes
Khadija Kubra has several cross cutting themes which are promoted through individual projects and broader advocacy wherever possible.
1. Civil societylearningHouse1
 Human rights
 Gender
 Literacy promotion        Advocacy

 Capacity building
2. Income generation
3. Health