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Maryam Durani

Women’s rights activists.

Maryam Durani was Former Kandahar Provincial Council Member. A famous women’s rights activists and bright and competent politician. Director of Khadija Kubra Women’s Association for culture and Director of the only radio station in Kandahar and South West area focusing on women’s issues. She is one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World”. She won the International Women of Courage’ Award and was among the 10 women who were honored and awarded by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and US First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Khadijaubra Womens Association a nonprofit women development organization registered in afghanistan in 2004 seeks to improve women conditions in war-torn kandahar province. The khadija kubra operates on a mission of employing to address gender inequalities, equal access to information, education and skills training as a means to provide greater opportunities for women. We work to help kandaharis achieve a greater quality of life for themselves and their families while contributing to the growth and development of afghanistan. Currently, khadija kubra provides  5 sections such as:-

  • Media Section: Merman Radio (special women’s radio), was established in 2010 to address gender inequalities in Kandahar province and bring women’s voices to the forefront. Merman Radio is empowering Kandahar’s youth especially women and media professionals to explore sensitive issues of gender, human rights, good governance, rule of law, in addition to economic, and social issues.
  • Advocacy Section: Kandahar women’s advocacy network, Kandahar Women’s Network is an advocacy platform functioning for women’s empowerment since 2013. Kandahar women’s Network has 25 women led organizations as its members.
  • Social Media Section: Malalai Maiwandi the first women’s internet café in the Afghanistan,to connect more women to the world in a safe and comfortable space! She opened Malalai Maiwandi women’s Internet Cafe on 25-Sep-2013 which is the first of its kind in Afghanistan. The girls could use the café for getting information about current affairs and obtain educational material, which is the main reason why she established the Café.
  • Education Section: House of learning (Institute of Modern studies for girls in Kandahar/Afghanistan), . House of learning provides more than 600 women with the opportunity to receive education in Business Management, Information Technology, Journalism training, Calligraphy, drawing, English and Communications. The House of learning programs provides students with the skills needed to obtain employment to support themselves and their families, improve their communities and participate in the reconstruction of Kandahar.
  • library: Bebe Aisha The first women library for the very first time in Kandahar. There are more than 4000 books in this library, and it’s the first of its kind in Afghanistan. The main purpose of making this library is to provide a peaceful space for girls and women to read books and have direct access to different kinds of books in different subjects. As commonly girls and women can’t go to public libraries easily and read peacefully , so this library has provide girls and women the best, peaceful and calm space for reading with plenty of useful books. Briefly we can say that this library provides equal access to information and place for reading to improve that level of girls and women information and education.




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Khadija Kubra Women's Assossation